Welcome to Tonle Sap dot Shop

We are a small clothing & lifestyle brand located in France, Europe.

Our inspiration: Southeast Asia

Our products are inspired by South East Asia — although you might also find here and there designs that are related to South Korea or Japan, but it should be exceptional.

Proudly display your love for the food, the places and the people of this wonderful part of the world!

The story

Sieam Reap

We love to travel. European and North American countries used to be our first playgrounds. One year, we decided to fulfill one of our dreams: we would go to Cambodia and visit the mythical temples of Angkor.

It was an enchantment. More than that: a slap in our faces. Exotic landscapes, spontaneous smiles, cities crammed with motorbikes, bowls of fried rice, waste floating in the streets during the rainy season... We found everything charming. And we were so sad when leaving this country.


A few months after our return to Europe, we still felt as if a part of us had stayed there.

We had to make a decision. Urgently. Guess what? We quickly planned a new trip to Southeast Asia, this time to Vietnam. But it didn't cure us though. On the contrary: it made the spell on us even more powerful.

It gave us the desire to constantly find new destinations in Southeast Asia.

And it made us decide to create streetwear designs to retain a little of our travel impressions.

Why "Tonle Sap"?

The Tonle Sap is the largest fresh water lake in Southeast Asia. It connects with the Mekong River. Located in Cambodia, a few miles south of the city of Siem Reap and the Angkor Temples, it is famous for its floating villages and stilted houses.

Tonle sap